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Monday, June 11

fuck liar !

liar liar liar !
damn i hate you !!!
please stop talking to me, liar !!!
please stay away from me !!!!!
i have my own life ! go away !
i won't being friend with a fucking liar like you !!!!
you know what , i admit that you are so damn good in acting !!!
go fuck yourself !
may you rot in hell !!!!

Monday, May 21

when ,when ,when and when ????

bila balik ??
don't forget to tell me when u gonna touch down in malaysia !
lets go out !!! yeayyyyy

Thursday, May 10

no more facebook !

i can't reactive my facebook account anymore :(
it says that mine doesn't exist anymore !
i was like , damn !
because there's so many picture of mine in my account .
i know that's kinda hard to contact everybody if i don't have a facebook account ,
but i can't do anything .
make your own twitter account please .
i swear facebook is getting bored and its outdated !
Twitter is cooler than FB .
sorry to say but its true and its easy to use ..
i rarely post and update my blog , so that's kinda hard right .
i don't know ..
you should try Twitter instead of Facebook ..
hehehe ,
not trying to judge but for me , facebook is getting old !
figure it out !

Monday, May 7


dear uncle Roslan's son ,
if you read this please do call me on 9th May which on Wednesday ! ASAP !!
i wanna ask you something and need your help so desperately before you touch down in Malaysia ..
if i don't get any calls from you , i'll update another post later ..
hahah i know it sounds weird right ..
but please ...
thanks :)

sincerely ,
anne azman :)

Wednesday, April 18

my birthday on 2012 sucks !

my birthday today which is on 18th April is so damn sucks !
i'm turning 18 on 18th April . how cool . but ....
i don't even feels that today is my birthday .
i know i supposed to be happy on my birthday , but i don't ..
there's some people that don't even wish me . well i don't really mind about it .
but ... huh ! i don't know ..
guess what , i got free call today from Maxis .
how sweet , but i think Maxis just wasting their money by giving that free call .
i don't even use that free call .
i have no idea who to call .i have no one to talk or chat with why should i
btw thank you so much Maxis :)
to those who wish me today , thank you so much !!!
i'd really appreciate it !!
i swear i'd still remember about my 17th birthday party last year ..
it was so amazing and it was the special and the best birthday party ever in entire of my life !
but this year ? shit ,i absolutely hate this year !
enough !
i don't wanna talk about this anymore !
there's no point to talk about this !
i have no idea what to write yet i feel like so damn stress today !
should end my post til here !
see ya in my next post , InsyaAllah ..


Thursday, April 12

sweet hello :)

hey guys , how are you guys doing ?
i'm doing good as usual ..
so yeah , my parents and brother just got me a present .
well such a small gift for my achievement ..
not really big but its very meaningful tho ..
urghh what else to write ?
i have no idea what to write in here .
i tweet everything happened in my life on twitter ..
oh yeah i tweet everytime and everywhere ..
i used to write in here about everything happened in my life , but not anymore .
kinda lazy to post .
but i try to put some effort to post in here lately ..
anyways , how are you visitor from Glenview  , Illinois ??
hope you doing fine :)
hey i'm cool now ,but if you have anything to share , just tell me .
i'm a good listener :p
well thats all for today's post .
i will talk to you later :) bye !


Monday, April 9

Alhamdulillah :)

Alhamdulillah , sebab dah lulus Ujian Memandu !!
i'm so happy with it !!
i got my own driver's license !!!
oh , masa mula2 nak amik test tuh sumpah takut giler .
yelah dengar2 dorg cakaJPJ tuh garang lah apa lah ,
but masa test hari tuh senang je buat ..
Bukit , Parking and 3Penjuru , semuanya senang nak buat :)
then time nak test jalan raya pulak , sumpah best giler .
dah lah JPJ yang duduk kat sebelah tuh boleh tidur masa aku drive , then dia pasang radio kuat2 pulak tuh .
memang best lah kan , aku siap boleh menyanyi2 lagi dalam kereta tuh .
hahah last2 lulus dengan cemerlang pulak tuh .. 19/20 !
tapi JPJ tuh macam gatal sikit , tapi nasib baik tak gatal banyak . haish
nasib baik jugak tak sampai mintak numb phone .kalau tak , memang makan kasut aku lah dia ..
lepas nih tak payah mama and baba susah2 nak hantar pegy sana-sini ..
yeayyy !!!


Friday, March 23

SPM Result came out !!

omg omg omg !! i'm soo nervous talking about this ..
over all i love my result and its totally unexpected !
and i'm happy with it :)
i went to my school with my mom :)
honestly ,i cried before and after i got my result ..
like seriously thats kinda embarassing ..
i have no idea why i'm crying while take the result ..
but it was unexpected moment , i can't do anything ..
i wish i could share my result and my happy moment with someone special , but no one in my heart ...
i pushed myself to let everything go ..
but i'm happy with my new life , working at my fav place ..
new friends , new experience ..
if i get an offer to study in the University , absolutely i will grab the opportunity !!
i want to survive and move on and learn how to be an independent daughter and definitely i want to make sure that my parents must be proud of their daughter !!


Tuesday, March 20

it kills me !

i miss talking to you ,
i miss skyping with you ,
i miss sharing something news with you ,
i miss on the phone with you for more than 3 hours ..
i miss calling you Kris Hump !
i miss planning about something with you .
damn , i miss everything !
we used to skyping together but now ?
we used to chatting on the phone , but now ?
i don't know what to say anymore !
its totally killing me -.-'

*i saw a viewer from US , is that you ? from Seremban as well ..
are you in Malaysia ????

Sunday, March 11

Lifeless !

i just got back from hanging out with MYSELF !
yes myself !
sounds weird isn't ?
yes that's the fact !
i was hanging out alone today !
i watched two movies today ! watching movies alone !
what a weird !
because i'm so bored at home and everybody was so busy when i asked them to go out with me .
i have no idea who else for me to go out with , so i've decided to go out alone .
then i asked my mom to send me to Subang .
so i went to MBO and watching This Means War which i love the British guy in the movie !
and yes i'm watching it alone !

and after that , i went to Empire by walking alone !
can you imagine that ? -.-'
lunch at Madam Kwan's ALONE !
the worst thing was people keep staring at me so weirdly !
is it wrong if someone going out like very alone and nobodys accompany em ?
i don't think so !
*tak pernah tengok orang jalan sorang2 ke ? haishh -.-'
i don't give a fuck ! i know what i'm doing !
so yeah after that , i took a cab and went to Summit and watching John Carter !
yeahh watched two movies alone in one day !
that's kinda insane !
i think i love it though !
i have no idea why i'm saying like this but yea i think i'm gonna do it again like what i did today !
that's really awesome :)
whatever ! and i know i'm such a LIFELESS !
and i love it !